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Why we exist?

Quality education is a big challenge in Pakistan. Good institutes are only available in oig cities and the cost of sending your kid there is out of the average person's income in Pakistan. Public schools lack adequate infrastructure and skilled teachers. Overall, traditional education institutes work on a one size fits all principle. Therefore, we strongly believe that an adaptive learning platform that could offer a superior uniform learning experience to the masses would be a huge success in a country like Pakistan.

By combining quality teachers, engaging content and superior technology we are able to create a superior technology we are able to create a superior learning experience for students and aid in their outcome improvement, which is unlike any offline experience.

Why students choose SchoolX?

Availability of standard ized and quality education is a big problem for learners in Pakistan. Schoolx brings best teachers of the country and create quality learning environment for learners across the country.

Cost of learning through Schools is way lower than other schools and academies. To be able to attend online classes from the comfort of home also saves time, money and brings the safest environment.

Students can have access to recorded lectures for future reference and revisions.

AfterSchool offers best and futuristic technology for both teachers and learners and enhances their capabilities

Intelligent adaptive learning algorithm that identifies the student's learning needs and changes their learning path accordingly

Benefits of the Course

What does Adaptive
learning mean?
Have you read the famous Hare & Tortoise story?

Similar to that, we have students who sometimes learn at a very fast pace, where as some students learn slowly. Basically Adaptive learning means that if the student learning journeys are needed to be tweaked so that regardless whether the student is a quick learner or a slow one, both of the students are guaranteed to get the full understanding of the subject matter and can pick up on their weaknesses as they move along their learning path.

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Meet the team

The journey that started a couple of years ago, is now progressing towards an end-to-end E-learning platform, which provides a single-stop solutions for our students to study and interact all from one place. Slowly and steadily, we are getting there.

Moazzam Malik
Yasir Khalid
Zoha Muslim
Business Manager
Mian Ali Raza (48th common, PSP)
CSS Exams Lead
Mian Muhammad Arslan
Amazon FBA Lead
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